Our Solutions

Leveraging cutting-edge AI, proprietary algorithms, and robust R&D, ND Axon has been developing two groundbreaking tools:

  • Employment Passport: An HR tech solution that identifies candidates' key skills, achievements, and necessary work conditions without probing into their neuro-conditions. This tool fosters a bias-free and inclusive environment, equipping employers with advanced insights to support neurodiverse teams.
  • Neuro-conditions Mapping Tool: This tool passively identifies neuro-conditions without active input from users. By collecting data from 24 different touchpoints, it provides multiple diagnoses simultaneously. Following NHS processing, it will qualify as an official diagnostic tool. After rigours compliance and testing it will have the status of the NHS Diagnostic Tool 

Neuro-Conditions Mapping Tool

The Neuro-conditions Mapping Tool by ND Axon is an innovative solution designed to passively identify neuro-conditions in individuals without requiring active input. Utilising behavioural science and advanced AI, this tool collects data from 24 different touchpoints to provide comprehensive and simultaneous diagnoses. By offering employers and individuals advanced insights into their neurodiversity. Currently, the Neuro-conditions Mapping Tool is in the development stage, with plans for further refinement and testing.

Employment Passport

Our Employment Passport is a groundbreaking HR tech solution that identifies candidates' key skills, achievements, and necessary work conditions without asking about their neuro-conditions. This tool helps reduce bias during the hiring process, promotes inclusivity, and equips employers with the insights needed to understand and manage neurodiversity within their teams.

NHS Diagnostic Tool

ND Axon's NHS Diagnostic Tool is being developed to meet the rigorous standards required for official NHS use. This advanced tool aims to streamline the diagnosis process for neuro-conditions, significantly reducing wait times and costs for individuals seeking diagnoses. Leveraging the same sophisticated technology as the Neuro-conditions Mapping Tool, it will qualify as an NHS-approved diagnostic solution upon completion. This tool is also in the development stage, with ongoing efforts to ensure its accuracy, reliability, and compliance with healthcare regulations.

Discover Employment Passport

Unlock the potential of your workforce with ND Axon's Employment Passport. Our innovative tool collects comprehensive data on education, skills, work environment preferences, and development goals, providing you with actionable insights that drive success. The Employment Passport helps you:

  • Optimize Workforce Management: Identify skill gaps, streamline recruitment, and enhance employee development.
  • Increase Productivity: Tailor work environments and adjustments to individual needs, boosting morale and efficiency.
  • Foster Inclusivity: Promote diversity and ensure all employees thrive in their roles.

Ready to transform your organization? Book a demo today and see how the Employment Passport can revolutionise your approach to workforce management.


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